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Period Care

Care of pads

Our cloth pads and menstrual cups come with washing tips and user guides!  Be sure to go over those carefully before beginning use of your reusable period care products. We recommend washing pads before first use.

Are the reusable cloth pads extra absorbent?

Yes, our cloth pads are extra absorbent! We recommend the large size for max absorbency and coverage. You may like to use a large menstrual cup with the pad if bleeding is especially heavy, in order to offer even more protection.

My Easy-Empty Menstrual Cup is Leaking

We are sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Femallay menstrual cup leaking. When properly positioned under the cervix (and with the pearl properly positioned when using an Easy-Empty™️ Menstrual cup) you should be able to enjoy leak-free p

What are the diameters of the menstrual cups?

The diameter of the Small Easy-Empty™️ Menstrual Cup is 40 mm and the diameter of the Large Easy-Empty™️ Menstrual Cup is 46 mm.

What are the differences between the menstrual cup styles?

The Easy-Empty™ menstrual cup is uniquely designed with a valve and bead that enables you to drain the cup without having to remove it! Full details and instructions are included on the site and in the user guide included with your cup.The Simplicity

Bladder issues while using the menstrual cup

If bladder irritation or pressure occurs while using a menstrual cup, it is possible that the size is too large and a smaller one might be more comfortable. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll help you with this.

Can I wear a menstrual cup with an IUD?

Yes, absolutely! Your IUD sits inside the uterus, while the menstrual cup sits at the top of the vaginal canal.