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My Easy-Empty Menstrual Cup is LeakingUpdated 2 years ago

We are sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Femallay menstrual cup leaking. When properly positioned under the cervix (and with the pearl properly positioned when using an Easy-Empty™️ Menstrual cup) you should be able to enjoy leak-free period protection!

The first thing to check for if using our proprietary Easy-Empty™️ cup with valve and pearl is the position of the pearl. Make sure it is in the down position before vaginal insertion to ensure a good seal and no leaks occur out of the valve. You can test that the pearl is blocking flow by running water into your cup with the pearl in the down position. If water flows through, so can blood.

Once you fold and insert your cup, rotate it, and feel it open, then you can double-check position and seal. Gently tug on the stem to see if it feels secure. It should hold and not slip out if a seal has been created. If your cervix is tilted (which is common), this could contribute to the problem of leaking or forming an improper seal. Learning how to locate your cervix and feel for it off to the side of your cup after insertion can help ensure leak-free success! If the cup is position too high or slightly to the side of your cervix, that can lead to some residual blood flow around the cup and cause leaks instead of the flow staying inside the cup. We have an article that goes into more detail about how to check your cervix that you may find insightful Check out this link!

Another problem could be sizing. Sometimes a larger cup will help with securing a better seal and preventing leaks! Here is another article with tips for using your menstrual cup that you may enjoy.
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