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Suppository Melts

How do I use the suppository melts?

To use your suppository melts:. We recommend that you allow 5-10 minutes for the suppository to fully melt before engaging in intercourse.

Are suppository melts safe?

We certainly value safety here at Femallay! Our vaginal suppositories are made with the highest quality organic ingredients for your health, safety, and enjoyment! You can enjoy our melts as you would any other flavored vaginal moisturizer, but with

What ingredients are in the suppository melts?

The ingredients can be found by clicking on the tab labeled 100% natural ingredients under the product description page for each product on our website. We use organic food-grade flavor oils in our flavored suppositories, like what you would find in

My suppository melts arrived melted

Our natural vaginal suppositories are formulated to melt at body temperature, so when shipping to a warm climate or during the warm months of the year, it is possible that they could melt in transit. Rest assured, this will not hurt the suppositories

Are the suppository melts edible?

Great question! While we don’t recommend eating them like they are candy (as this may cause some gastrointestinal upset), every ingredient in our flavored melts is safe to ingest in small amounts and commonly found in many foods you can buy at the gr

How often can the melts be used?

Our moisturizing suppositories are safe for daily use, so long as you do not have any allergies to any of the organic ingredients contained in them. The cleansing suppositories contain therapeutic essential oils that work well to cleanse and kill bac

Are the flavored vaginal melts designed to mask foul odors?

In cases of unusual or foul vaginal odors, itching, or irritation, you may be dealing with a bacterial imbalance or a yeast infection. Our organically scented and flavored vaginal moisturizing suppositories are not designed to mask vaginal odors or t

I have really sensitive skin, can I use the suppository melts?

We suggest that you try the Organic Vitamin E Vaginal Moisturizing Suppository Melts Unscented and Unflavored and/or The Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Vaginal Wellness Suppository Melts. if you are looking for the most hypoallergenic solution (they sti

Do you have suppository melts without coconut oil?

We do have coconut-free vaginal suppositories that you might love to try! They are:

I have a nut allergy, are the melts safe for me?

Our products are peanut and almond nut free! However, they do contain organic coconut oil and illipe nut butter (which is like a cocoa bean), and while usually, these items do not cause allergies in the same way, we can make no guarantees! Please con

Could the ingredients in the melts cause infections?

Our uniquely formulated vaginal suppositories are made with premium all-organic ingredients that are pH balanced, nourishing to vaginal tissue, and are naturally anti-bacterial to promote health and wellness while providing superior moisture. A healt

Can I use spermicide with a suppository melt?

We cannot be sure how the two products might interact with each other, as they have not been tested together. It may be fine, however there is the possibility that the suppositories could dilute the spermicide and cause them to be less effective, or

Do the suppository melts expire?

The suppositories are produced in small batches weekly and tagged with expiration dates on the side of the box. We recommend using them by the expiration date, which is 18 months from production. Although the ingredients may last beyond that point, t

Is there THC in the hemp suppositories?

Our organic hemp-derived CBD melts contain less than 0.3% THC, as required by law.  So, while they should not affect a drug test, it is possible for regular daily use to cause THC to start to accumulate in your system. Again, this may or may not show

Are the suppository melts safe to use in pregnancy?

Our vaginal suppositories are made with the highest quality organic ingredients for your health, safety, and enjoyment!  However, this product has not been tested and approved for use during pregnancy, and you should be aware that oils used vaginally

Are suppository melts safe with breastfeeding?

We are not aware of any issues or interactions regarding the use of our suppositories while breastfeeding. In fact, we do have quite a few breastfeeding customers who love to use them and have not reported any issues. However, please consult with a t

Are the suppository melts safe to use with condoms?

Our suppositories are made with organic plant oils, which may cause latex condoms to deteriorate and break.  However, condoms made with polyurethane are considered safe to use with oil-based products like our suppositories.

How will the melts affect my birth control?

Our products have not been specifically tested with regards to their impact on birth control, so unfortunately, we cannot advise you on that. Please feel free to ask your healthcare provider regarding using oil-based products vaginally and their effe

Can I use the suppository melts rectally?

Our flavored melts have not been tested for other uses, and while they are all natural and organic, we are only able to recommend their use vaginally at this time. Please feel free to consult with your healthcare provider with regards to the health a