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Are your products FDA approved?

Our warehouse facility is registered and applicable products are FDA Class II registered medical devices.

Are the suppository melts recommended by doctors?

Our vaginal melts are among the top natural products recommended frequently by many holistic wellness professionals for hormone-free relief of vaginal dryness. We’ve had many customers referred to us over the years by their gynecologists and personal

Are suppository melts safe?

We certainly value safety here at Femallay! Our vaginal suppositories are made with the highest quality organic ingredients for your health, safety, and enjoyment! You can enjoy our melts as you would any other flavored vaginal moisturizer, but with

Are suppository melts safe with breastfeeding?

We are not aware of any issues or interactions regarding the use of our suppositories while breastfeeding. In fact, we do have quite a few breastfeeding customers who love to use them and have not reported any issues. However, please consult with a t

I have a nut allergy, are the melts safe for me?

Our products are peanut and almond nut free! However, they do contain organic coconut oil and illipe nut butter (which is like a cocoa bean), and while usually, these items do not cause allergies in the same way, we can make no guarantees! Please con

How will the melts affect my birth control?

Our products have not been specifically tested with regards to their impact on birth control, so unfortunately, we cannot advise you on that. Please feel free to ask your healthcare provider regarding using oil-based products vaginally and their effe

I'm trying to get pregnant, should I use your suppository melts?

Congratulations on your pregnancy journey! When trying to get pregnant, we do NOT recommend using the suppositories around your time of ovulation. The thick consistency of the moisturizing butters and oils could make it difficult for the sperm to get